Screen-free downtime for KIDS

Screen-free downtime for Kids- is that possible? Kids today are busier than ever with jam-packed schedules. This includes school and homework to play dates, birthday parties and multiple sporting ventures. Then there are the ever-present lure of screens. This can

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Addiction to smartphones

Screen Addiction 2021 | Smartphones

Screen addiction in 2020 is real. In just a few years, smartphones have led to a massive drop in attention spans and the rise of a psychological phenomenon of continuous partial attention, where most people struggle to pay attention for

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Teens and Social Media

Teenagers and Social Media

Article from The Child Mind Institute Do you worry about your teenagers and their social media use? Many parents worry about how exposure to technology might affect toddlers developmentally. We know our preschoolers are picking up new social and cognitive

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Are you guilty of ‘technoference’?

Are you guilty of technoference? This is when you are constantly distracted by your phone or other device. Your undivided attention is a valuable commodity. You may expend it having lunch with a friend or working on an important project

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Parents Ultimate Guide to YouTube Kids

Parents Ultimate Guide to YouTubeKids The Parents Ultimate Guide to YouTubeIn response to parental concerns about young children accessing YouTube, Google have introduced the YouTube Kids app. While this app looks appealing with it’s bright colors, funky music and interesting

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