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Hi, I’m Emily,  welcome to my site! You are probably here because you have a concern about kids and screens. You are not alone!

I am an educator with over 30 years teaching experience, a computer programmer, a parent and now a grandparent. I’m alarmed at the escalating technology related problems I see amongst children and young people.

I am constantly hearing from parents facing daily battles with their children over the use / abuse of technology. These problems not only affect the child, they also cause ongoing disruption to family life. The longer term effects on young people’s vision, physical and mental health can be devastating. 

I am passionate about teaching and learning, and the positive impact responsible and creative use of technology can have on children’s learning. Used correctly, technology can enable young people to learn in ways not previously possible. It also allows them to communicate with experts and others worldwide.

There is no way that  technology is going to disappear. It is here to stay, and will become more  accessible, creative and engaging for kids. I see the problem of addiction to screens being two-fold.

First, many young people are exceeding the guide lines for screen time  set by the World Heath Organisation. This is having serious impact on their health and lives in general.

Second, I feel that the ways they are using the technology is of equal or greater concern. Today’s children have the most advanced and useful device of our times in their hands. Unfortunately though, young people are often just passive consumers of technology. There is no creativity or higher level thinking involved.

What you will learn on this site    

This website not only informs parents and caregivers about the effects of overuse or addiction to screens (iPads, computers, gaming devices etc), but also provides strategies for managing the addiction.

It also provides case studies of families that have beaten their children’s addiction and restored harmony in the family.

There is no doubt that technology related careers will feature largely in the years ahead. This website is not about discouraging children from using technology. The key is to get balance in your child’s life, and ensure their time on technology is meaningful. So, on this site you will find sound advice on using technology creatively to engage kids.

We also provide a range of non-technology resources to keep those active minds creatively engaged.

Great articles about kids and screens

We will be constantly adding articles related to kids and technology on our Articles page.  Please refer back to the site frequently for newly added articles and resources.

We are also interested in your experiences and thoughts, so would love you to add your thoughts via the Contact page.

Author - Emily

‘If technology doesn’t enhance learning, why use it?’

"Technology does not create learning just as a hammer does not make a house. Technology simplifies or amplifies our learning capacity."