Do you have Selfitis? Can't stop taking selfies of your baby?

Do you have Selfitis?

Do you have Selfitis – you can’t stop taking selfies of you or your children? Chances are you might have “selfitis” — a genuine mental condition that makes a person feel compelled to constantly take photos and post them on

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Outdoor play is vital for children

Montessori-inspired Screentime Strategies

Montessori-inspired screentime strategies are what every parent is looking for. Do you, as a parent, feel guilty or stressed every time you see a report about the importance of limiting screen time? Do you want to limit, but aren’t sure

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Screen time balance for kids is possible.

Screen Time: Reduce, Replace, Balance

STOP THE BATTLE Screentime: Reduce, Replace, Balance is a resource to help families fighting the battle of too much screen time with their children. Technology and devices are here to stay. For some families devices such as phones and iPads

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Technology can be used to inspire children to be active outdoors.

Harness Technology To Inspire Active Play

Harnessing technology to inspire active play is a great way to get your tech addicted child outside, in the sunshine and being active, whilst also learning. Screens can be amazing tools to stimulate kids’ appetites for active play. We are

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Teach children to be good digital citizens

Enough to Make you Screen!

This article first appeared in the West Australian Newspaper What is the problem with Screens? Screen time is causing neck, spine and posture problems in young children. Researchers warn that this can ‘play havoc’ with their school readiness, . A

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